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Primary gene symbol.
UniProt IDs are provided with links to the UniProt data base at EMBP-EBI.
Primary name
Name retrieved during PubMed searches for Sjögren’s Syndrome related proteins.
Alternate gene names and symbols identified by database searches.
Proteins listed as antigens in the primary literature are identified as autoantigens (AAG), bacterial antigens (BAG), or viral antigens (VAG).


The Sjögren’s Syndrome Knowledge Base (SSKB) is a resource for Sjögren’s syndrome research. The foundation for SSKB is a database of genes and proteins associated with Sjögren’s syndrome extracted from PubMed. The foundational database was established using the text mining program EBIMed to query the Pubmed database, using the search term "Sjogren's Syndrome" restricted to "MeshHeadingsList".

The initial search in 2007 resulted in a selection of 7,733 abstracts and 1,293 potential genes/proteins. The abstracts were manually evaluated to remove duplicates and false-positives, resulting in a preliminary database of about 900 protein names and associated genes. In the case of older publications, where gene names were not readily identifiable, gene names were assigned based on in depth evaluation of the protein name context and available gene data in public databases, including Entrez and Uniprot. The data is continually updated and manually annotated to include new publications and data relating to the genes in the SSKB.

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SSKB is a research database and not intended to provide specific medical advice. Patients are urged to contact a qualified physician for diagnosis or questions related to individual medical problems.

The information in SSKB is extracted from public sources. The information provided in the database, including links to external sites is not warranted and no legal responsibility or liability is assumed for the accuracy or completeness of the data.


The development of the SSKB is supported by Public Health Service Grant 1R01DE019255-01 from the National Institute for Dental and Craniofacial Research.

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